The Rotary Club of Warragul sponsored leaders Ashley Gillespie and Cassie Leong at this year’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference for 18 – 30 year-olds.
Former participants of the program, Ashley and Cassie undertook additional training to share their passion for Rotary and to help build the leadership skills of the next generation. They guided this year’s participants through activities designed to unlock their potential, turn motivation into action, have fun and form lasting friendships.
Warragul Rotarian Andrea Klindworth (centre) with RYLA trainers Ashley Gillespie and Cassie Leong
The Rotary Club of Warragul, together with other Clubs across District 9820 and 9810 attended the Expo held on Thursday 29 June.
The Warragul Club’s major project, creation of the Indigenous Art Garden at Rotary Park, was greeted with genuine interest and great enthusiasm. Many said they will be travelling to Warragul to visit the park.
Following the Expo, Rotarians were invited to join in the program gaining firsthand experience of activities focusing on building personal development, leadership, and teamwork. 
Rotarians greater knowledge and experience were called upon to help design solutions to problems such as local councils increasing engagement with youth. A challenging team exercise followed this involving the construction of a Lego building. Each person was given a secret design feature that needed to be incorporated within the building. The task was completed in silence. The importance of good communication and collaboration for successful teamwork soon became evident!
The day concluded with an excellent evening meal followed by a night of Trivia. 
The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference was held from 26 June to 1 July at Golden Valleys Adventure Camp on the Mornington Peninsula.
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